You Will Know The Truth
And The Truth WiIl Make You Free

John 8:32 (AMP)



Tom Sherman & Sharyn Haycock were conceived in 1969 and born in 1970 in London Ontario. We both came from your average middle-class families. Growing up in the 70″s there was a natural gravitation to the sex, drugs and rock & roll culture, to live a free life of self indulgence.

We live in Ontario, with our girls Jaime and Andie and are part of one of the local churches. Our ministry is non-denominational, but we are accountable to a number of leaders whom we love and respect. We are a team of people, who are crazy in love with Jesus and our mandate is to love everyone where they are at, and point the way to Jesus.

We are involved in numerous motorcycle activities some of which can be found on our events page. We also have had outreaches by way of a beauty night of pampering at various locations. We also used to minister bi-weekly at the Bluewater Youth Center in Godrich, which has now sadly closed. We would like to honor Bluewater for the years of ministry opportunity, and we will miss the staff and youth we were close to. Special thanks to Rev. Andy Hahn, and Chaplain Jeff Mcgregor. We pray that with the closing of Bluewater, all the staff will find employment, and not be without work.